Jenna Foxx and the intern

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Beschreibung: Chad White's figured it out. Rent a house in an expensive neighborhood. Make sure it's super sweet. Then place an ad on the internet. Make it a casting call. When the girls show up, tell them it's your place, have them sing or dance or act, then tell them what they've heard over and over and over: thanks for your time, I'll get a hold of you...don't call me. Sure, it's the oldest trick in the book, but it works. Do you realize how many girls come here every day from Small Town USA searching for fame? They wait tables and tend bar -- just like Jenna Foxx -- waiting anxiously for their next audition. Chad will tell you the key to this hustle is to turn them down, and then let them say something like, I'll do whatever it takes to land this part, sir! Sure you will, Slutty. Of course you will...
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