Two Men And An Xxx Show - Im Not Touching Anything - S04E06

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Description: Charlie enjoys living with his full house, but a bit of alone time would be welcome. Alan walks in on him and busts him right before he can start enjoying himself. They chat for a while, but their conversation ends when Judith comes in and tells Alan to scram so he can take his kid off to school. They're joined by Liz, who Charlie hasn't seen in an awfully long time. Liz tries to flirt with Charlie, but Judith cuts them off at the pass by telling Liz it's time to go. Charlie takes the opportunity to go back to his me-time, but the girls return with the news that the car won't start.Judith asks if she can use Charlie's phone and leaves Liz alone with him. He and Liz are quick to lock lips as Charlie plays the loneliness card. Popping Charlie's hardon out, Liz wraps her lips around it to give him some head. Finally getting the relief he's been craving, Charlie lays his head back on the couch and lets the hot blonde make magic with her mouth. Getting Liz on her hands and knees, Charlie dives in for a doggy style pussy pounding. Then he pulls Liz onto his lap so she can ride him like a wild cowgirl.Judith walks in on the pair as Liz is just getting into her ride. She finds it shockingly hot to see her going at it with Charlie. Peeling off her clothes, Judith waits for just the right moment and then indicates her desire to join in by grabbing Liz by the boobs from behind. Neither Charlie nor Liz is a prude, so they are happy to give Judith a ride on Charlie's dick while Liz takes a spin on his face. Rolling Judith onto her back, Charlies gives it to her as Liz lets her friend taste her pussy. Leaning forward, Liz open her mouth to take a shot of jizz to the face as Charles cums. She can't catch it all with her mouth, so she licks Judith's pussy clean.
242 days ago

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