Stepsisters New Vibrator - S21:E11

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Description: Chloe Temple has a new stepdad and stepbrother. Her new stepdad is really into Chloe. Today Chloe wakes up from a nap to find a nicely wrapped selection of vibrators waiting for her. Never one to turn down a sexy gift, Chloe takes one out and immediately goes to work with it. Tugging her shorts aside, Chloe is soon trying hard to hold the moan as she gets intimately acquainted with her new toy. She's just getting to the good part when a knock on the door interrupts her. She quickly hides the toy and tells her friend Haley Spades that she can come in. Haley instantly notices that something is amiss with her friend, and after a bit of coaxing she gets Chloe to admit that her stepdad bought her vibrators as a housewarming gift. Chloe goes on to say she doesn't want to talk about it.Later, the girls are on the couch chatting when Nathan Bronson, Chloe's new stepbrother, joins them. He says he heard his dad got Chloe a present and Haley is quick to say she'll go get it. Chloe can't contain her embarrassment. Nathan plays it cool, saying he knows that she's been sneaking off and fucking his dad. Haley eventually joins Nathan in coaxing Chloe to try fucking her stepbrother instead. Chloe finds the idea sexy as hell, so she agrees to do Nathan just one time. She starts things off by getting on her knees beside Nathan to blow him. Haley watches, her hands creeping to her tits and then her twat as she masturbates at the hot sight of her friend sucking cock. Of course Chloe invites Haley to play too once she notices how into it Haley is.Two girls sucking him off is a super hot start for Nathan, but there's so much more to come. Chloe is the first to take him all the way inside as she rides him in reverse cowgirl. When Nathan lays down, Chloe hops onto his face to ride his tongue while Haley rides cowgirl on his fuck stick. Haley gets on her hands and knees so Nathan can bang her from behind as she finger fucks Chloe. Chloe and Haley swap spots, with Haley taking her stepbrother's dick in doggy. At first Haley lets Chloe finger her twat, but eventually she slides beneath Chloe so that they're in a lesbian 69 with Nathan still going to town delivering his doggy style pussy pounding. He gives it to Chloe as long as he can before pulling out to nut all over her ass. With her stepbrother's jizz dripping down into Haley's open mouth beneath her, Chloe admits that Nathan is much better at this than his dad.
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