Jane Wilde

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Description: Jane is taking a Sex Education Class and is worried about the big test coming up. Her best friends Prince and Jon Jon come over and she tells them she's worried and that's why she's Cramming for her big test. Prince and Jon Jon tell her that maybe they can help her with her Cramming if she wants. Jane says she is so stressed out that she can't even concentrate anymore and Prince suggests that maybe she just needs to take a study break and relax to take her mind off all the books for a minute but that if she wants, she can still do some Cramming, just in a different way. Jane says You're right, I think I just need a break but what do you mean we can do Cramming in a different way? Prince and Jon Jon give each other a knowing smile and Jon Jon says Well, there are lots of ways to Cram you know..... and Prince says Yeah and more than one hole to Cram as well....... Jane grins and says That's the perfect way to take my mind off of this test and relax.......with a whole bunch of orgasms! Crazy DP sex ensues, with lots of ATM and ATP and after the 2 facial pop shots Jane says I'm SURE to get an A now especially since I just did A LOT of Anal!
653 days ago
Actors: Jane Wilde

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