Cant Ask For Anything More - S8:E3

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Description: Agatha Vega and Olivia Sparkle are enjoying a picnic and some cloud watching. The girlfriends are dressed in super cute sundresses as they hold hands and chat. Sharing a snack is second nature to them, as is sharing a sweet kiss after the snack is gone.Once the girls begin kissing, the touches of their lips grow hungrier and their hands begin to explore with more purpose. Agatha tugs Olivia's dress down to gain access to her lover's breasts. Those tight little globes are absolute perfection, and an irresistible lure for Agatha as she continues her sensual exploration.Soon enough, Agatha's hand has lifted Olivia's miniskirt and come to rest at the apex of Olivia's thighs. Agatha can feel the heat of Olivia's arousal through her girlfriend's thong. Olivia is fully open to Agatha's advances, especially when Agatha gets to her knees and helps herself and Olivia out of their dresses. Nude in the sunlight, the girls share a few more sexy caresses before Agatha takes her own pleasure. She crawls up Olivia's body and plants her pussy right on Olivia's face. Olivia is thrilled to give her girlfriend the pleasure she craves: She eats Agatha out with absolute enthusiasm, licking and sucking the clit as Agatha squeezes her own breasts.Bending down, Agatha licks her own flavor from Olivia's lips. Then she kneels between Olivia's thighs and makes herself right at home in Olivia's twat. Her tongue works overtime for Olivia's delight. Although Agatha doesn't want to stop, she eventually backs off just enough to go snatch to snatch with Olivia so that they can scissor together in some lesbian tribbing.Neither girl is fully sated quite yet. The come together one last time, this time in a girls-only 69. Climbing on top of Olivia once again, Agatha settles herself on Olivia's face. Then she leans forward to put her fingers to work making Olivia moan even as Olivia ekes answering mewls of delight from Agatha. Finally satisfied, the girls lay nude on the blanket to bask in both the afterglow and the sunlight.
289 days ago

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