Cock Reaction - S29:E6

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Description: Cuddled together, Lulu Chu and Aubree Valentine watch a mystery guy jacking off and react to what they're seeing. Their reaction videos are super popular, so they plan to do another one once they've had a snack. When they go out into the living room, they realize that Lulu's stepbrother Spikey Dee is wearing the same outfit as the guy they just watched.Lulu realizes that she really enjoyed Spikey's dick in the video and that she wants it inside her. She goes from saying she's gonna tell her mom to offering him a glimpse of her titties to fuck her. Eventually Spikey agrees, and Lulu gets to slide on down onto that big one for a stiffie ride as Aubree watches. The girls swap out so that Lulu can diddle her clit as she watches Aubree ride Spikey's fuck stick.Slurping their own combined girl goo from the cock, Lulu and Aubree get on their backs so Spikey can do them both. Aubree takes a doggy style pussy pounding while licking Lulu's snatch. Lulu gets scooted forward so Aubree can ride her face while Spikey slides between her thighs. That's all Spikey can take; he drops a creampie in Lulu's fuck hole and leaves a nice treat for the girls to run their fingers through and enjoy.
378 days ago

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