My Horny Girlfriend Turns Up The Heat - S13:E5

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Description: Mirka is such a fun girlfriend for Justin. Their play outside in the snow leads to a snowball fight where Mirka gives as good as she gets. Playfully, Marka makes a run for the house and then lets Justin catch her. She tells him that she's cold, so he offers to make her some tea.While Justin is in the kitchen, Mirka strips out of her wet snowy clothes and into a blanket. By the time Justin has returned with the tea, Mirka is hungry for something else. She draws Justin in for a deep kiss and then guides his head lower to her puffy titties. When she has gotten Justin out of his clothes, Mirka goes ahead and takes her time sucking and blowing him.Since Justin is already seated, it's a matter of crawling up his body so Mirka can seat herself on his erection. She rides in cowgirl, then turns around and goes for it in reverse cowgirl. Her bare coochie is nice and wet as Justin leans her over the couch to fuck her in doggy. As Mirka's breath comes panting out of her, she rolls onto her back for Justin to dick her down one last time before blowing his load all over her stomach.
292 days ago
Actors: Mirka

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