Taking Pictures And My Body - S7:E10

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Description: Kiere's boyfriend wants some sexy nudes, but Kiere doesn't want to snap them herself. Wearing just a sheer dress that shows off the sheer bra and thong she's wearing beneath, Kiere goes to her roommate Simon Kitty for help. Simon is only too happy to help Kiere out.After only a few snapshots. Simon realizes that she can't keep her hands off of Kiere for one more moment. Trailing her fingers up Kiere's thighs, she quickly spreads that wanting to her roommate. It's not long before the girls have laid down in bed with their lips locked and their hands busy exploring each other's bodies.Peeling Simon out of her clothes to release the buxom coed's big boobs, Kiere samples the goods with her hungry mouth. Simon follows suit, easing Kiere out of her peekaboo outfit. Settling Kiere onto her back, Simon goes to work between her roomie's thighs. Her lips and tongue work that creamy pussy, and her fingers slide into Kiere's twat so nicely.Laying Simon down on the bed where the sheets are still warm from her body, Kiere goes to work making her roommate moan. She begins by kissing her way down Simon's body while paying plenty of homage to those lovely big boobies. Making her way down Simon's belly, Kiere eventually makes it to the sweet cream between Simon's thighs. The girls switch positions so that Kiere is once again on her back. Fondling her own clit, she helps guide Simon onto her face so that she can eat Simon out while still masturbating. Eventually Simon works her way lower so she can fondle her own clit and annus while Kiere keeps going on her own twat.The girls wind down their lovemaking by going pussy to pussy. Scissoring their thighs together, they rub their clits against each other until their tribbing leaves them both mewling. Kiere finishes first, so she makes sure Simon cums again before giving in to basking in the afterglow of their lesbian delight.
322 days ago
Actors: Kiere, Simon Kitty

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