The Upstairs Bedroom - S8:E6

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Description: Lisbet and Baiba Doll are hanging out upstairs in their attic bedroom. The girls are each enjoying themselves, but given that they're both topless, they don't stay apart for long. It's only a matter of time before Baiba wanders over to Lisbet and captures her lips in a kiss.Moving lower, Baiba samples the bounty of Lisbet's nipples. Her girlfriend's plump breasts are delicious, but not as yummy as what's between Lisbet's thighs. Baiba is slow but steady to make her way down to the heart of Lisbet's pleasure as she samples her love's pussy juices.Now that they're both nice and warmed up, the girls take things even further. Baiba falls to her back with Lisbet on top of her, peppering her in kisses and licks. They embrace and roll around together, indulging in plenty of strokes and caresses. Eventually Baiba comes out on top and rewards herself by eating Lisbet out yet again.Lisbet turns the tables on Baiba by pushing her up against the bed. On her knees, she dips her head and puts her tongue to work. Licking and slurping, Lisbet stops at nothing when it comes to making Baiba moan.It's Baiba's turn again as she kisses the taste of her own pussy from Lisbet's lips. Urging Lisbet onto the bed, she licks at her blonde lover's cooter. Lisbet finds herself on the headboard with her back against the wall and Baiba's head between her thighs. Baiba is relentless, going at it until Lisbet throws her head back with a big moan.Not to be outdone, Lisbet takes Baiba to heaven and back one last time. Pushing Baiba onto her back, Lisbet tickles and laps at her girlfriend's clit. When Baiba has finally reached her peak, she pulls Lisbet close to cuddle as they come down from the afterglow.
328 days ago
Actors: Baiba Doll, Lisbet

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