Every Inch Of Me - S18:E2

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Description: Masseuse Jimmy Bud is just getting ready when Didi Zerati enters the room. Jimmy tells Didi strip down to her underwear. She obediently peels off her dress to unveil some sexy sheer lingerie, then slips out of her bra, high heels, and stockings. The last thing to hit the ground is her garter belt.Slicking up his hands, Jimmy goes to work on Didi's back and shoulders. Moving lower, Jimmy oils up Didi's calves all the way up to her thighs. Didi can't help but moan in pleasure as Jimmy runs his hands higher and higher to squeeze her ass cheeks. Jimmy has Didi turn over so he can rub down her shins and thighs. Then, discarding any pretense of propriety, he discards the towel so he can slick down Didi's belly and finally, finally her big boobs. When Jimmy helps Didi out of her thong and slides his hand down to palm her muff, things finally take the sexy turn Didi has been wishing for.With one hand, Jimmy kneads Didi's titties. The other hand gets busy finger banging Didi's slick snatch with first one finger, then two. When Didi's shoulders rise off the table with a low moan, Jimmy dips his head to go to work licking creamy coochie.Getting to his feet, Jimmy comes around the table so that he's behind Didi. She knows just what to do: scooting backwards until her head is past the edge of the massage table. Tilting her head backwards, Didi opens wide to suck Jimmy's cock, deep throating it as he delivers a proper face fucking.Climbing onto the massage table, Jimmy lays down and watches as his busty lover climbs up to straddle him. Sinking down onto the D, Didi goes for a cowgirl ride. Things heat up even more when she turns around and lets herself go in a reverse cowgirl delight.Falling to her side, Didi lets Jimmy take over the control of their lovemaking. He spoons with Didi, driving into her. Then he pulls her to the edge of the massage table and pins her onto her back so he can drive home in her greedy cooch. Hooking one of her legs over Jimmy's shoulder, she opens herself completely to his hot ministrations.Fully sated and dreamy eyed from pleasure, Didi puts Jimmy on his back on the table once again. She sucks her own juices off of his dick and then keeps on slupring. Pulling back, she pushes her boobies together for a titty fuck that brings him to a pop all over her generous chest.
340 days ago

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