Banging My Girlfriends Mom - S17:E11

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Description: Alex Mack is waiting for his girlfriend Jessie to come home from work. His girlfriend's mom, Bunny Madison, takes Alex through a photo album of old pics. Then she begins to talk about how she's had to beat off lots of men.Bunny continues to quiz Alex about his intentions for her daughter. She gets closer and handsier, rubbing her palms all over Alex's thighs and crotch. When she can tell Alex has popped a boner, Bunny drops to a crouch and begins sucking Alex down while rubbing the root and asking questions about whether she's doing the same things her daughter does.Popping her titties out, Bunny keeps the good times rolling as she continues to blow Alex. Her hands guide Alex's stiffie to her boobs where she rubs him up and down in a bit of a titty fuck. Then Bunny gets to her feet to peel her miniskirt and thong off and then lean forward against the kitchen island so that Alex can fuck her from behind.Alex goes nice and deep, spanking his girlfriend's mommy and pulling at her hair. When Bunny raises a foot onto the counter, the deeper penetration drives Alex even more wild. He can't get enough of that meaty juicy snatch.Climbing onto the island, Alex lays down so that Bunny can straddle his hips. He waits for her to slide down onto his hardon in reverse cowgirl. Slipping his hands beneath Bunny's ass, Alex keeps her in place as he pistons upwards into her heat. Bunny squeals her climax, then turns around so she can keep on riding Alex, this time in cowgirl.Alex gets back on his feet to go to work between Bunny's thighs as she lays on the counter. This time, he won't stop until Bunny is squealing with another orgasm. Nearly there himself, Alex pulls out to cum all over Bunny's boobs. Covered in jizz, Bunny tells Alex that as long as she's his only side piece he has her blessing to keep seeing her daughter.
316 days ago

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