Busty Business - S16:E10

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Description: Busty Bella Angel is secretary to Charlie Dean, but this buxom babe wants so much more from her boss. Today is the day she's going to make her move. She waits until Charlie's attention is distracted, then unbuttons her shirt so that her lovely assets are clearly visible. Charlie can't help but notice, but he tries to act like it's business as usual. Bella isn't about to let him do that. Popping her tits from her bra, Bella jiggles them just for Charlie's pleasure. He tries one last time to disengage, going to get a drink. Bella peels her bra off and follows him so she can show him a better use for the ice than a simple martini.How can Charlie resist such a delectable assault from his bespeckled secretary? Once Bella has felt her bosses hands on her incredible breasts and hard nipples, she gives in to a much more carnal hunger. Dropping to her knees, she pops Charlie's impressive hardon free from his pants and goes to work exploring it with her hands and mouth. Taking her time, she makes a study of blowing her boss and then pushes those breasts together for a titty fuck to cap it all off.They're in the kitchen, so Charlie takes advantage of the terrain and gets Bella to her feet and leaning forward over the countertop. Coming up behind her, he helps her put her knee on the counter to open herself up. Then he slides on home, sinking deep to both of their immense satisfaction.The couple relocates to a bedroom, which gives them the necessary comfort for some serious fun. Bella gets to enjoy giving another hot blowjob, complete with another round between her jugs and some ball sucking. Climbing on top of Charlie, Bella comes down until she's fully impaled and rocking out in cowgirl.Turning around to keep her ride going in reverse cowgirl, Bella lets that booty shake. Charlie loves watching up the line of his secretary's body as she bounces on his hardon. The only thing better is getting her on her back so he can watch the expression on Bella's face as he gives it to her in missionary.On her hands and knees, Bella rocks back to meet Charlie's thrusts as he fucks her in doggy. Her pleasure is out of control, as evidenced by the way her body gradually falls to the bed with the force of her climax. All that's left is for Charlie to get himself off, which he does while aiming for the lovely target of Bella's open mouth and plumped tits. Finally sated, Bella licks the cum from her fingertips.
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