A Busty Bath - S17:E11

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Description: Sharon White loves her lingerie and silky robe. She also loves her baths. When she can combine all of the above, she knows it's going to be a very good night indeed, even when she's on her own. Admiring herself in the mirror, she slips the robe down and then lets the sheer bra and thong follow suit. When she's finally nude, she slips into the tub.There are plenty of bubbles for Sharon to rub all over her tight body. From her enhanced titties to her toes, she's soon nice and sudsy. The slippery skin makes it easy for her to glide her palms wherever her fancy takes her as she warms herself up.Just as things are getting nice and heated, Raul Costa joins Sharon in the bathroom. He rubs her neck and shoulders, then captures Sharon's lips in a kiss as he moves lower. Those tender breasts have been waiting for the feel of Raul's big hands as he kneads and squeezes them. Sharon's pussy is equally primed for Raul's touch.Getting on her knees in the tub, Sharon brings the party to Raul by pulling his stiffie from his pants. Opening nice and wide, she sucks him down and then runs her hand up and down the shaft. Her invitation for Raul to join her in the bath and fuck her in doggy is one that Raul is happy to take up.Relocating to the bedroom for added comfort, the couple really takes their time with one another. Raul goes back to work on Sharon's tender breasts as he worships each nipple. Then he hooks his arm around Sharon's thigh to hold it out of the way and open her pussy for a feast.Turning onto her side, Sharon moans in delight as Raul spoons behind her and goes deep. He gets even deeper when Sharon rolls onto her back and lets Raul pump her nice and full of the D. Her big tittes bounce with every stroke of Raul's dick, doubling down the delight for them both.When Raul lays down on his back, Sharon is quick to take over. She crawls on top of him and sinks down until she's fully impaled on his stiffie. The gentle motion of their ocean is just the perfect way to get Sharon moaning as Raul plays stud to her tight twat. He hangs on as she bounces that booty in reverse cowgirl, enjoying the last climax of the day.Sharon isn't about to leave Raul unsatisfied now that he has made her feel so good! Getting on her knees, she delivers a handy to bring him that last little bit over the edge. Propping her boobs up to create a landing spot, Sharon jerks Raul to orgasm and then smiles at the mess they both made.
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