How We Unwind - S8:E7

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Description: Haley Reed is having a terrible day. She can't find her necklace and she doesn't know where her job interview is going to be. Her roommate Andi Rose walks in on her and tries to get to the root of the problem to figure out what's wrong.Once Andi has talked Haley down a bit from her panic, she begins to fish for details. She learns that there's still a bit before the job interview, so she suggests that maybe Haley might like to take some time to relax. Using a calming voice, Andi gets Haley to lean back and close her eyes in bed.One thing of course leads to another. What better way for Haley to relax than to slip her fingers beneath her miniskirt and begin diddling herself? Once Haley begins masturbating, Andi is right there to do the same to her own hairy twat. Mutual masturbation is all well and good, but rubbing one another's clits is so much better.Encouraged by their initial pussy play, the girls take things further. Soon Haley's magic fingers go to town finger fucking Andi's snatch. Sitting up, Haley dives in with her tongue and indulges in an entire pussy feast.Climbing on top of Andi's hips, Haley presses her pussy to her roommate's. She rocks her hips, creating some mutually delightful friction that leaves Andi moaning and begging for more. More is easy to achieve when the girls settle into a lesbian 69 with Haley on top and Andi eating pussy on the bottom.Andi isn't about to leave Haley wanting. She gets Haley on her back and continues her pussy feast and fingering. Pressing her twat to Haley's Andi rocks her hips to the tune of Haley's moans until her roommate is twitching.Now that she has gotten together with Andi, Haley has something really special in store. She leaves for a moment and returns with a harness and dildo that she shoves deep into Andi's tight fuck hole. Andi takes a pussy pounding from behind and then on her back as Haley makes her see stars in the hottest way possible to wind down their lovemaking.
333 days ago

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