The Other Side - S8:E8

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Description: Aubree Valentine is hanging out in bed texting with her friend when her roommate, Chanel Camryn, comes in. Chanel is obviously upset, revealing that her boyfriend has been cheating on her. With just a few encouraging words, Aubree helps bring Chanel around to feeling better. In fact, Chanel has a new idea: She's going girls only, starting with Aubree.Climbing on top of Aubree, Chanel leans in and steals a kiss that Aubree returns with passion. Chanel moves lower, popping Aubree's tits out of her tight shirt and sampling the nipples. In only a matter of moments, Aubree's nip grows nice and hard, the perfect reward for Chanel's efforts.Emboldened, Chanel moves even lower to the heat between Aubree's thighs. She licks her fingers and then presses them to Aubree's clit. The response is instant as Aubree moans nice and loud. That just encourages Chanel to keep on rubbing, bringing her friend to a sighing finish.Aubree appreciates Chanel's efforts on her behalf, but she's not about to let her roommie have all the fun. She relieves Chanel of her clothes and rolls Chanel onto her back so she can work her way down the blonde's body. From tits to trimmed twat, Aubree leaves no erogenous zone unlicked. When she finally reaches the pussy, she settles in for a long and languorous feast that leaves Chanel gasping.Going girls only is working great for Chanel so far, so she keeps on exploring the possibilities further. She begins by going back for another round of pussy licking, but that soon transforms into a lesbian 69. Laying on top of Aubree, Chanel licks and nibbles as Aubree gives her pink flaps the same treatment. They kiss their own juices from one another's lips, then settle in for another round of fun.This time, Aubree cradles Chanel in her arms while diddling Chanel's clit with her talented fingers. Grabbing her personal favorite vibrator, Aubree introduces Chanel to a whole new level of delight as she uses it on her roommie. For her part, Chanel can't get enough as her hips rock and buck, indicating her complete satisfaction. The girls wind up face to face, cuddling and caressing as they revel in their new relationship.
358 days ago

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