Passion Play - S8:E10

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Description: Rika Fane is in the bathtub while her girlfriend, Holly Molly, stands at the vanity applying makeup. Neither girl can keep her hands off herself. Giving Rika a meaningful look, Holly leaves the room. Moments later, Rika has drained the bath and followed her love.Dressed in sheer bras and thongs, the girls come together to cuddle in front of the mirror. They snap some naughty selfies to remind themselves of what a nice time they're about to have. Then they relocate to the bed, where they caress and kiss with slow movements that indicate they both know there's plenty of time for indulgence.As Holly's bra falls away, Rika leans in to lap at those hard nipples. Removing Rika's bra, Holly gives the same treatment right back. The girls continue helping one another undress until they're both naked and aching for more.Getting on her knees, Rika dives into Holly's sweet slit. Licking with long movements of her tongue, she gives Holly every reason to let her head fall back on a sigh. When Rika gets to her knees and puts her fingers where her mouth has just been, it's not long before she gets her redheaded lover moaning long and loud.Never one to take without giving back, Holly eases Rika onto her back. She goes right for the tender nub between Rika's thighs, licking at the clit even as her fingers creep in on the action. Before long, she's delivering a pussy fingering that leaves Rika twitching.The girls are both hungry for more. Rika helps Holly onto her knees with her face pressed against the mattress. She uses her tongue and fingers to go for broke, getting Holly right to the edge. Then she sends her girlfriend over as she kisses her way up her back and neck. Holly instantly flips Rika over to give her the exact same treatment.Laying on her back, Rika welcomes Holly on top of her. She hooks her arms around Holly's thighs to hold her pussy right in place. Licking and rubbing, she winds Holly right up. Then Holly slides lower on Rika's body so she can go clit to clit. Tribbing and scissoring, she keeps up the sweet pressure until they're both sighing in one last sweet release.
314 days ago

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