Cumming To Fruition - S8:E12

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Description: Kate Quinn and Emilie Crystal are ready for a night on the town. Kate has a huge crush on Emilie, and the feeling is very mutual. When they come together, they never leave the house at all. Instead, they embrace and then begin to kiss.Kissing of course leads to something even sweeter. The girls exchange slow caresses, their dresses falling away. Kate's lips are soft and against Emilie's nipples, working them to hard peaks. Then Emilie eases Kate onto her back so she can sample the sweetness of Kate's pussy juices.Kate enjoys Emilie's ministrations with her thighs spread nice and wide. Then she turns the tables on her tall lover, slipping her tongue into Emilie's slit. She licks up and down, leaving Emilie whimpering with her desire.Crawling into Emilie's lap, Kate presses her back against the softness of Emilie's breasts. Emilie curls her arms around Kate's waist, letting her fingertips find Kate's clit. Rubbing it until Kate's breath catches, Emilie then moves down to slip and slide in and out of her twat.Emilie gets to enjoy Kate's attention once again as she kneels on the couch. Making herself at home behind Emilie, Kate goes to work with her tongue. She is clearly enjoying herself, but her indulgence becomes even hotter when Emilie lays down and pulls Kate on top of her. Their 69 is languorous and gentle, the perfect end to their loving coupling.
327 days ago

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